Our founders built businesses in your industry

We know the pains of running a business in the design, architecture and building industry better than anyone. We've built a better way .

Our mission is to simplify your finances and make your business more profitable.

Legacy business banking systems are antiquated and don’t reflect how businesses operate today.  And for businesses with multiple projects, traditional banking can be a real headache for both you and your accountant.

Using multiple invoicing, bookkeeping, and financial management apps means project data is siloed and difficult to access. It is hard to get a holistic view of your business finances, track profitability, and make strategic decisions.

At Vergo, we’re building the business bank of the future. One that’s intuitive, collaborative, and gives you the insights and tools you need to manage your finances effectively. So you can focus on what you do best: designing, building, and creating beautiful things for the world to enjoy.

"I wanted to build a simpler way for the industry to manage their finances"

After 10 years working at J P Morgan, Rich quit his job and built a number of successful businesses in the design, architecture and construction industry.

He learned how hard it was manage finances in this industry - stuck in spreadsheets, manual reconciliations, unable to grow the business and working weekends and evenings to close the books every month.

Rich set off on a mission to automate the finances for the industry with Vergo - the financial platform exclusively for the design, architecture and construction industry.

Backed by the best

Between project sites, meetings, home, and the office, there's no time for the bank. The good news is, you don't need it.


Effective financial management of interior design, architecture & build projects is fundamental to their success. With its capability to streamline this process for all parties involved, Vergo will be an essential tool for designers, architects & builders.

Vergo Investor & Brand Ambassador - Kelly Wearstler
Kelly Wearstler