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Get access to new clients and incentivize your existing ones to spend more money at your store with our customizable rewards program.

Why partner with Vergo?

Earn commission on any successful referral.

Free marketing to our existing customer base.

Recommend tools that help your clients become more profitable.

Earn commission on every referral

Every time you refer our card to one of our customers you'll earn a lucrative kick back that increases your top line.

Get access new customers

We'll introduce you to new clients through our trusted marketplace that all our customers can view in their portal.

Create a loyalty program and get more out your clients

Ever wanted to created a loyalty program for your customers? We've built the infrastructure so you can offer cash back programs and other incentive structures.

Complete with an account manager

Our aim is to build a long-lasting and strong relationship with vendors that can help our customers access best-in-class products.

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