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We believe that small business owners should have the best tools they can get to manage their finances and grow their company. That’s why Vergo is here with our business credit card, expense management system, and checking account all in one place to help you achieve your growth goals.

Earn 1% Cash Back

Zero personal liability

Get the spending power you need without linking to your personal assets. Your card is linked to your business account, not your personal checking account.

0% APR interest

0% APR for 30 days so you can enjoy interest free payments that put you in control of how your money is spent.

Higher credit limits

Unlike other business cards, you can get higher credit limits with Vergo’s Onyx card. Increase your purchase power faster so you can get bigger and better projects.

1% Cash Back

Don’t get stuck with hard-to-understand and impossible to redeem rewards programs. With the Vergo Onyx card you get 1% cash back on all purchases, no hidden fees.

Track Project Expenses

1. Create Projects

Create  projects in our modern banking app so you can separate what's theirs and what's yours.

2. Send Invoices

Send invoices directly out of the projects you create

3. Track Expenses

Tag purchases with your project label so keep things organized and up to date.

4. Earn More

Get real-time insight into your projects so you can improve efficiencies, and stop guessing how much you’ve spent.

Take control of your project finances

Interior Designers

Send Payments & Deposit Earnings

Free Wires

That’s right, no membership, annual, or deposit fees! Make your money work for you with an account that doesn’t nickel and dime you.

FDIC Insured

Your money and your transactions are safe so you can grow your business knowing that your account is protected.

More Cash Back

Alongside our credit card you'll also receive our cash back debit card. That means that even when your vendors don't accept credit cards, you'll still earn cash back!

Deposit Checks

Save time and gas money with our mobile deposit feature. Use the camera on your smartphone to deposit your check in-app and never take extra trips to the bank again!

Vergo vs. The Competition

Why pay to have a card that doesn’t work for you? Let Vergo help you open more doors with better purchasing power, easier-to-use rewards, and lower annual fees.

Credit Card
Vergo Card
The Competiton
Annual Fees?
1% Cash Back
Confusing Points
Accepted Everywhere?
Personal Liability?
Credit Pulls
Make Payments & Deposit Funds
No minimum balance?
No fees on Wires, Checks, ACH?
FDIC Insured?
Visa Debit Card?
Track Project Expenses
Track Project Spend & Payments?
PNL Analytics?

Effective financial management of architecture and interior design projects is fundamental to their success. With its capability to streamline this process for all parties involved, Vergo will be an essential tool for architects and designers.

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