Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vergo?

Vergo is a financial platform built exclusively for businesses in the home building, design and renovation to automate your project finances which includes a rewards credit card, high yield business checking account, project expense tracking and invoicing.

What businesses does Vergo work for?

Vergo is exclusively for businesses in the construction, interior design, architecture and home renovation industry. In order for us to approve your business, it must be set up as a corporation, LLC, or partnership at this time.

Where can I use Vergo?

Vergo cardholders can use their card anywhere Visa is accepted.

What are your fees?

Vergo offers its platform for an affordable monthly fee per user. Book a demo today to learn more about our pricing.

How does Vergo make money?

We earn money in two ways. We charge a small flat monthly fee for each user and we also earn a fee from merchants when you use your Vergo card to make purchases.

Does Vergo report to business credit bureaus?

Yes, Vergo reports monthly to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE®). This helps you build a business credit report so your credit limits can increase over time.

Are cash withdrawals possible with my Vergo card?

Yes - you can withdraw cash using your Vergo debit card from any ATM in the Allpoint network - you can find ATM locations here:

Vergo Application

Will applying for Vergo have an impact on my personal credit?

No. Applying for Vergo will never affect your personal credit score.

Is a personal guarantee required by Vergo?

No. Vergo does not require owners to personally guarantee your company’s expenses.

What information do you gather as a part of the Vergo application?

In order to process your application, we will need some basic information about your company, including the names of any individuals who are beneficial proprietors of at least 25% of it as well as the identity of any person who will have considerable control over how the company is run. To verify the information you provide in the application, we may occasionally require you to submit extra paperwork, such as utility bills, identification cards issued by the government, or financial records, such as bank statements or accounting records.

What's the process time for my Vergo application?

Your application may be approved within minutes in some cases and in other cases, we might need some more time to review which could take up to 5 business days after your application is completed. We'll respond to you by email. Please email or give us a call at (202) 979-9711 if you haven't heard back from us after five business days.

Why are you asking me for other documents, such a utility bill?

Financial institutions are required by U.S. federal law to gather, verify, and record information identifying business clients and their beneficial owners, including a control person, in order to assist the government in combating the funding of terrorism and money laundering operations. If we are unable to verify your identification and the information you submitted in your application by another method, we may request that you provide specific documentary evidence.

Why do Social Security numbers need to be provided?

In order to comply with relevant laws and regulations, to verify the identity of those connected to your business, and, if necessary, to obtain consumer credit records, we must acquire Social Security numbers. Your consumer credit score won't be impacted if you apply for Vergo, and there's no need for you to offer a personal guarantee.

Why was my application declined?

We review your application to assess your credit, that you operate within the industries we cover, make sure you fulfill Vergo's eligibility requirements, and conduct the legally required identity verification. We use a third party that runs a check on business, individuals etc and the decision they come back with is what we're obliged to follow from our banking partners.

Terms and Payments

What is my credit limit?

Your available credit is visible in the card section in your Vergo app.

Can I carry a balance past my due date?

Your Vergo bill is due in full on its due date, which means you cannot carry a balance.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your monthly bill by either a) Sending money from your connect business bank account b) Using Autopay feature to automatically debit from your connected account each month c) Scheduling an ACH or wire payment from an external bank account to the account details in your app

How can I make sure I pay on time?

The easiest way to ensure you pay your bill on time is by enrolling in our auto pay feature where we will debit your connected business bank account for your full balance on each due date. To enroll in auto pay please log into your account and go to the Card section. Click Pay, then click Auto-Pay.

How can I increase the Vergo credit limit for my company?

Vergo takes your creditworthiness into account when determining the credit limit for your company and when evaluating requests to raise it. If you want to ask for an increase in your credit limit, please email us at or give us a call at 202 979-9711. Please be aware that for us to consider your request, your Vergo account must have been opened at least three months ago and be in good standing.

What should I do if I need to spend more than my monthly credit limit?

The best option is to pay off all or a portion of your balance before the due date. To pay off part of your balance during the month log into your account and go to the Card section. Click the Pay button to choose to make an early payment or enroll in Auto-Pay.

When does my statement period end?

Statements are sent out on the first of every month.

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