Everything in one place to manage project finances

Vergo helps businesses in the industry automate their finance sand save thousands every year.

We automate your project finances.

Spend Management

Privacy & Security

Cash Management

Accounting Automations

Create unlimited
project cards

Create cards for your whole team, or for projects and earn 1.5% Cash Back on all your spend.

Instantly track
project expenses

Create projects, track expenses to them in real-time and finally know how much profit you made on a project.

1.5% Cash Back
on all your spend

Eliminate the back and forth with your accountant with memo and receipt uploading on a transaction level.

Manage client deposits with project cash accounts

Create cash accounts for your projects, pay vendors and deposit earnings, with 3% APY on idle cash.

No more excel spreadsheets

Works with your accounting systems so you're no longer coding expenses in spreadsheets.


Effective financial management of interior design, architecture & build projects is fundamental to their success. With its capability to streamline this process for all parties involved, Vergo will be an essential tool for designers, architects & builders.

Vergo Investor & Brand Ambassador - Kelly Wearstler
Kelly Wearstler