All-in-one platform

Vergo helps businesses in the industry automate their finance sand save thousands every year.

Our mission is to make your business more profitable.

Save hours
with automations

1.5% Cash Back
on all card spend

3% APY
on your deposits

Automate accounting & expense tracking

Create projects, track expenses to them in real-time and finally know how much profit you made on a project.

Earn 1.5% Cash Back on all your spend

Get cash back on both our rewards credit and debit card so you never miss out on a cash back opportunity.

Earn up to 3% APY on idle cash

Earn up to 3% APY on your idle cash like client deposits so your business makes more every year.

Connects to your accounting software

Send project-level data to your accountant automatically with our integrations.

Exclusive for designers, architects & builders

Packed with features designed for your industry. Become part of the Vergo community and get access to community events, trade discounts and more.


Effective financial management of interior design, architecture & build projects is fundamental to their success. With its capability to streamline this process for all parties involved, Vergo will be an essential tool for designers, architects & builders.

Vergo Investor & Brand Ambassador - Kelly Wearstler
Kelly Wearstler