Roofing businesses often need to purchase equipment and parts to give their clients the best services. This equipment and parts can be costly and can strain the business finances. Even if your business has a good liquidity position, you would like to get something out of a heavy purchase. 

Therefore, it is best to know about the best business card for roofers to enjoy cashback rewards and points. We have a list of top credit and debit cards that your business can utilize and earn points through it. But before that, let's find out how your roofing business can qualify for these cards.

How Can Your Roofing Business Quality for a Credit Card? 

The roofing industry is seeing significant growth and the demand for roofing services in different segments is increasing rapidly. We can expect the overall industry to expand and open up new opportunities for businesses. 

It will increase the business needs and demands for having a reliable credit line to access sources of funds instantly. Therefore, you need to know the criteria for your business to qualify for business credit cards. 

Also, getting the right debit card is vital since you can earn rewards and get other benefits if your business is making purchases frequently. So, the first thing you need to look at is the credit history. 

If your business is new, or it has never taken any loans and does not have a credit history, then the credit card lenders will examine your personal credit history. So, you need to ensure you have a good debt history if you are starting a new roofing business. 

After sorting out the credit score, you can then move ahead and choose from the plethora of credit cards available. 

A vital point to keep in mind is that if you apply for a credit card and your application gets rejected, it will impact your credit score adversely. Therefore, you need to be careful when applying for a credit card.

Best Business Card for Roofers

Now that you have a firm knowledge regarding how to qualify for credit cards for your roofing business, let's look at some top ones. Also, we have included the best debit card that you need to have for your roofing business. It will open you up to many benefits. 


The best card to get exceptional features is VEGRO. It is a debit business card which gives you exceptional perks. You can enjoy a good sign-up bonus with it and earn amazing cashback rewards through it. 


  • It has a wide range of bonus cashback categories where you can earn handsome rewards for your purchases
  • There are no members fees that your business will have to pay for 
  • Get exceptional intro annual percentage rate period on different purchases and balance transfers


  • Designed for the convenience of builders, plumbers, and for professionals in the construction sector, but other businesses can take advantage of it as well

2. American Express Blue Business Cash Card

The roofing business requires constant inventory to ensure workflow does not get disturbed. That is where the American Express Blue Business Cash Card can play a crucial role. It allows you to spend more than your credit limit to ensure you deliver the complete project to the client on the deadline. 


  • Your business will not incur any annual charges for this card
  • The credit card enables you to enjoy high rewards rate for purchases in various categories 
  • It gives an intro Annual Percentage Rate period
  • With this credit card, you can enjoy cash rewards from time to time


  • The card has a spending cap on the points
  • You will need a good credit history to be eligible for the card

3. Capital One Spark Classic for Business

Another great credit card many roofers can have is the Capital One Spark Classic for Business. It offers exceptional advantages to business owners with an average credit score. You can qualify for their credit card with a score of 580. Let's go over their pros and cons. 


  • Using the credit card, you can enjoy a 1% cashback
  • Your business will not incur any annual charges for this card
  • Get free employee cards, with the same 1% cashback 
  • No charges for foreign transactions


  • Considerably a high APR than other credit card providers 
  • The card has a high APR penalty 
  • Does not have any welcome offer

4. The Plum Card from American Express

If you are looking for a credit card for a long-term financing option, then the Plum Card from American Express is the right choice for you. You can take advantage of the Plum Card to make purchases for your business. You will not incur any interest charges if you pay within the timeframe. 


  • No charges for foreign transactions
  • There are no reward caps, which means you can enjoy unlimited points


  • The annual fees for the card are relatively high 
  • You won't get any bonus offers if you choose it
  • They have complicated rewards systems, making it difficult to understand how you will receive rewards

Finding the Best Business Card for Your Roofing Business

These are some of the best debit and credit business cards for roofers in the market. You can go through their perks and enjoy them to purchase items and equipment necessary for your roofing company without putting a lot of burden on your finances. 

All of these credit cards have more pros that outweigh their cons. So, if you are looking for a good source of funds, these credit cards can be helpful for you. Furthermore, an optimal debit card that can offer a wide range of benefits is also imperative for your roofing business. 

So choose VERGO to make transactions and maintain a proper record of all the expenses for your roofing business. And it is more than just a debit card. You can use digital banking and invoice management to receive payment quickly.