Analytic tools are helpful for businesses that work on a project-to-project basis. You will have to deal with the per-project revenue management and expense tracking. Therefore, an analytical tool can make these things easy for you. 

With so many digital solutions available, you might think which one you should pick. Choosing the right analytical tool for your carpentry business can do wonders. It will help optimize the entire project, which can reduce your costs and help you with the per-project revenue management. 

So, you should focus on finding analytical tools that solve crucial issues for your business. We will discuss some tools you can use for project management. 

It will make it easy for you to make a well-informed decision for your carpentry business. But before that, you should know the points to consider when choosing an analytical tool. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tool for Better Per-Project Revenue Management

When we talk about choosing a digital solution, you must consider all the aspects before making the final decision. It will ensure you get your hands on the right analytical tool that increases your business efficiency for various projects. Here are the key elements you need to consider. 


Before choosing an analytical tool, you should look at vendor reputation. If their services are trustworthy and are recommended by other people, you should opt for them. Moreover, you don't want to spend too much time understanding and configuring the tool to use it. 

Therefore, the deployment process should be straightforward. It is optimal to choose a tool that has an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, you should have accessibility to the analytics tool on your mobile app and on the desktop to use it on the project site.


Another element that should consider is the pricing of using the analytics tool. You will have to check if the price is worth paying for the return that you will get from using that technology. Also, you need to compare it with other tools available in the market. 

Additionally, as your business is going to expand, you will get more carpentry projects with bigger budgets and expenditures. So, you will need to scale up the analytics tool accordingly, which is why scalability is also something you need to look at. 

Best Analytical Tools for Carpenters 

Analytical tools can help carpenters to manage their projects efficiently. It can help them in numerous ways. Let's go over some of the common tools and their pros/cons. With the right skills and proper training, you can leverage these tools to take your carpentry business to the next level.


One of the best collaboration software that not just carpenters but other companies in the construction sector can use is Smartsheet. It helps you in coordinating a variety of projects, and you can use it for per-project revenue management. Here are the pros and cons of Smartsheet. 


  • It gives you the option for personalized dashboards
  • Exceptional features that allow you to collaborate on numerous projects 
  • Great options that allow you per-project revenue management


  • The design of the analytical tool is for project management in general. However, you can use it for carpentry projects.
  • Requires a bit of time and training for you to understand and use it properly.


Another great tool that you can use for project management and analytics is Buildertrend. It is a useful tool for builders, carpenters, and contractors who want to keep an eye on numerous ongoing projects. The modern tools give you plenty of features to plan projects, maintain records of expenses, managing relations with clients, etc.


  • The tool helps you with the management of the workflow on all of the project 
  • It is user-friendly with easy to understand UX/UI design 
  • You can get access to the tool from anywhere at anytime 


  • There are some issues with its notification system 
  • Further enhancements are necessary for the project cost estimation feature


If you are looking to get reminders about the tasks you need to complete for a specific project, CoConstruct is the right choice for you. It gives you notifications and alerts to keep you up-to-date with the project's progress. Therefore, you can use it for your carpentry business. 


  • Analytical tools that help your business in many ways to manage the ongoing carpentry projects
  • The solution provider gives great customer support services to ensure you don’t face any difficulties. 


  • Certain limitations with its clock functionality 
  • Does give many options for personalization


Procore is one of the best analytical tools with great features for communication. It helps all the stakeholders to collaborate to know about the project's progress. The transparency and the accessibility it offers to carpenters are simply unmatchable. 


  • Easily accessible from various devices 
  • Offers features to organize your project accordingly 
  • Multiple people can use it at the same time


  • Some functionaries need improvement 
  • It is great for general contractors but needs to include more features for carpenters


Carpenters who are not tech-savvy and require easy-to-use project management and analytical tool should choose Proworkflow. It can integrate with other software and technological tools you are using in your carpentry business. Below are the pros and cons of using the system. 


  • The company offers exceptional customer support services to guide you 
  • Systems and features of the tool make it easy for you to assign workers, maintain tabs on the project's progress, etc
  • Invoice management is easier, making it simple for you to invoice the customer as soon as the carpentry project is complete


  • Does not allow time tracking for the projects 
  • Creating and personalizing reports is a complex 


Analytics tools are now becoming important for businesses in the construction industry. It can help you get a better understanding of the per-project revenue management. Therefore, you can incorporate anyone into your carpentry business. 

However, before you make a final decision, you should discuss with your team the business needs. Moreover, you should consider the business plans for expansion to find a project analytics tool that offers greater feasibility.