The landscaping business requires a lot of time and energy to ensure that the garden comes out in the best shape. It requires vigilance and diligence to complete the landscaping project. Therefore, accounts reconciliation for landscapers can become a hectic and challenging task. 

You can find it more annoying if you don't have an accounting background or don't understand much about it. Nevertheless, accounts reconciliation is important to find accurate figures and to have an overview of the business finances. 

So, to help you out, we will spill the beans regarding how you can simplify the account reconciliation process and save time. But before that, we will give you a brief overview of account reconciliation and why it is important for your landscaping business. 

Account Reconciliation: What does it Entail? 

Account reconciliation refers to the accounting procedure where you evaluate different records to ensure you have accurate figures and all the transactions by your side. It usually entails the comparison of your bank statement or receipts with your records to find any discrepancies in the transactions. 

The business will use two data sources, one is external, and the other is internal, and compares them. Comparison of the two records will ensure that all the financial activities and the account figures are accurate without any mistakes. If the information does not match, it will lead to accounts reconciliation.

Why is Account Reconciliation so Important? 

Accounting teams have a high emphasis on account reconciliation. It is one of the responsibilities of the accounting department to ensure all the transactions are recorded accurately.

They need to match the external sources with the internal to find any issues with the accounts. Here is why account reconciliation has a high significance for business: 

  • Helpful in preventing any overdrafts from your cash accounts 
  • Ensures your accounting records are up-to-date and have accurate figures 
  • Reduces the compliance risk or any miscalculation when filing for taxes

Ways to Save Time on Accounts Reconciliation

There can be various reasons your records will have a different amount for transactions or balances from an external source. As a result, you will have to make an account or bank reconciliation statement to find all the irregularities in your financial records. 

Below are some useful tips to help landscaping business owners save time when reconciling their statements. You can go over them to simplify the overall accounting process of your business. 

Enhance Your Knowledge about Bookkeeping 

As a landscaper, you might not feel like going over accounting lessons or bookkeeping tips. However, it is important to know the accounting basics if you want your business to grow and save time when performing account reconciliation. 

You can solve all the issues and learn about mistakes leading to accounts reconciliation. You can maintain bookkeeping records accurately from the initial stage. 

And you don't have to study or take an accounting course to understand the basic accounting concepts. You can go over them once and learn them quite easily. 

These basics will help you in identifying duplicate transactions. Most importantly, you will record all the transactions under the correct side of the accounting ledgers. In addition, you can learn to manage your cash flows and financial statements to avoid any inconsistencies.

Incorporate Robust Technologies 

Landscaping has come a long way with the new technologies and tools, making the process easy and quick. You can find the latest versions of machinery and tools to speed up the landscaping process while getting better efficiency. And if we talk about accounting, the same thing has happened. 

Newer technologies and tools simplify analyzing accounting records and statements and make the overall bookkeeping process quite straightforward. Moreover, it makes it easy for business owners to perform account reconciliation using innovative accounting software. 

With so many accounting tools and software available, you might want to choose the one which fulfills your business needs. Usually, landscaping businesses or any other firm operating in the construction or designing industry should opt for accounting systems with the following features: 

  • Access to the records from anywhere at anytime
  • Allows order tracking for inventories and raw material 
  • Assists with complicated accounting standards or tax codes
  • Easily integrate with other software systems of your business
  • Fundamental accounting functionality
  • Helpful in the payroll management
  • Manages their payment schedule 
  • Tracks all the expenses of the business and various projects

Document Everything and Go Over Them Regular 

Last but not least, you must record every transaction as soon as it happens. Don't wait for anything as there is a high probability you can miss the transactions from the records or add inaccurate figures for it. As a result, it will not match up when you compare your internal records with the bank statements. 

Therefore, document every transaction. Most importantly, it is best not to wait for the tax season to go over your statements. It is better to go over your records daily. It will help you identify issues and prevent them from bundling up and becoming a massive burden for you.

Reasons behind Reconciliation Discrepancies

Various reasons can be behind the inconsistencies or inaccuracies of your financial statements. However, there are a few common ones that businesses usually find upon account reconciliation. Knowing and avoiding them beforehand is the best way to save time. 

  • Human Error: Usually, accountants enter the wrong figures, or they record the transaction in the wrong ledger. 
  • Omission or Missing Information: There is a chance that you omit an accounting activity from your records 
  • Timing Differences: If you deposit a check into the account today, it will take time to show up in your account; while on the other hand, you have added it in your books. The timing difference can result in different figures in your internal and external sources. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope you have a complete understanding of how you can reconcile your accounts and save time on them. Also, if you can avoid making small mistakes, you don't have to go towards account reconciliation in the first place. 

With vigilance and concentration, you can save yourself from the hassle and the hectic of creating account reconciliation statements.