Cash flow problems for landscapers can impact the overall business and exert immense pressure on the company's finances. It can impact the company's growth and results in numerous issues with your vendors, workers, and even customers. Cash flow ratios help businesses identify their needs. 

However, these cash flow ratios can only tell you about the finances on paper and not about how to deal with the situation on the ground. So, what are some cash flow problems that your landscaping business can face, and how can you resolve them. Let's discuss them in this article. 

1. Delay in Payments

The biggest challenge for a landscaping business is to wait for their clients to clear their payments. Studies show around 60% of the invoices is cleared after the due date. It is a serious concern for landscapers since payment delays create more problems.

Even if you let your customers pay in installments for a large amount, it will not be helpful for your cash flow. Partial payments can keep the money coming in, but it won't be sufficient enough for you to keep up with the ongoing expenses.


The best way to deal with this problem is to offer your customers discounts when they are paying in full. It will allow you to get all the money at once with just a cut of the percentage of discount you are giving to the customers. 

Moreover, you need to send your invoices as soon as the landscaping project is complete. Many customers use a delay in invoices as an excuse for not making payments on time. 

If possible, you can run a credit check on the customer to find out if they will become a problem at the time of payments. Also, offer your customers various modes of payment so they can pay you at their convenience.

2. Not Enough Cash in Hand

Cash in hand is the amount you have in the form of cash or your bank accounts. It refers to the assets you can convert into cash within seconds. Usually, cash in hand or bank allows landscaping businesses to run their operations and deal with daily expenditures. 

However, lower cash inflows and higher cash outflows can create liquidity problems for the landscapers. You won't have enough cash for operating your businesses or for dealing with the expenditures of the ongoing project. So, how do you deal with this problem? Let's find out. 


As a landscaping business owner, you should set aside the cash amount in your hand and bank account to cover at least 30 days of your expenses. Therefore, you can set aside the amount you need, and once the amount goes below your 30 days requirement, you can look to increase your cash inflows. 

You need to maintain a cash flow management spreadsheet if you want to ensure you have a sufficient amount of funds in your hand. 

Additionally, you can renegotiate the dates with your vendors so they can allow you to make payment once you have enough money in hand. Simultaneously, you need to ask your customers to clear their dues as soon as possible.

3. Expansion in your Operations

Your business is growing at a faster rate than you anticipated. It is a good thing, right? Rapid growth can also be a cash flow problem for your business. As you are taking on more work to make more money, you will have to spend more to cater to the growing business needs. 

Therefore, you will have to increase your workforce, upgrade your machinery/tools, and need a higher inventory level to complete your entire projects on time. All of this means that you will need more cash in the initial levels of the business expansion than you receive. 


Business expansion and growth can yield fruitful results only if you can capitalize on the opportunities in the right way. So, the optimal thing to do is discuss with your team and consult with them regarding your growth plans. You need to check your plan for growing and sustaining that growth along the way. 

Moreover, you can also create a stream of income that allows you to have enough sources to fund your landscaping business's growth. If you can't find a source of income, then talk to the financial institutes to have access to a line of credit when you need the money.

4. Lack of Proper Planning and Budgeting

Various small businesses and enterprises don't seem to focus too much on the planning and budgeting for their business. The same is the case for landscaping businesses who often find themselves in a pickle due to not planning or budgeting regarding the cash flow of their business. 

As a result, they end up losing all of the resources before they know about it. It is a massive challenge when you are trying to maintain a healthy cash flow. Not keeping track, forecasting or budgeting can keep you blindsided regarding the actual condition of your business finances. 


Automation is the best solution to the problem of budgeting and forecasting. Businesses can use the new analytics tools and technologies to forecast an increase and decrease in the cash flow. Moreover, you can also track all your payments and recipes, making it easy to manage your cash flow.

You can also use the software to ensure all the business transactions are entered into the system. It will save you from the hassle of finding all the receipts when trying to figure out where all of your money went.


These are the common cash flow problems for landscapers that they face. With the solutions in this article, you can deal with these issues arising from cash flows and ensure your business progresses in the right direction. 

A key point to keep in mind is that delay in payments is the root cause of the majority of the cash flow problems. So, if you don't want to end up with such issues, invoice management is a vital aspect that you need to look at. If you continue to receive payments on time, you won't have to deal with the majority of cash flow problems.