Cash flow problems are the biggest nightmare for financial professionals at a company. Being a landscaper requires attention to detail, knowledge, and experience in various fields. The main responsibilities and tasks as a landscaper, including working with a team of experts, take away the time you need to manage the financial situation of the projects you take up. But in the battle to regain control of your operations’ finances, you must find the best resources and guides. The best approach is to first learn about common cash flow problems and the way that they erupt in a landscaping business.

After that, you must learn about the impact of those difficulties and cash flow issues on your business. But, do you know that landscapers in the US are now considering a single digital banking app to solve their cash flow problems? Well, if you don’t know that already, this post can help. 

Landscapers Business: Cash Flow Problems and Their Impact

Every business needs money on a day-to-day basis to pay vendors, other businesses, and for other purposes. Cash flow is a common problem for dozens of companies within an industry. If your business doesn’t have enough cash incoming, you can’t hire urgently-needed workers for a project. The potential downsides of cash flow problems are limitless. 

Being a landscaper, the majority of your revenue must come from account receivables or “debtors” in your business. Once you’re finished with a landscaping job, you send an invoice to the client you were working for to get paid. The client looks up the invoice, sees the total expenditure that they have to bear at the completion of their desired landscaping project, and then pays you. However, what happens if the account receivables in your company love delaying payments and not answering phone calls. Will one digital banking app solve all your cash flow problems, including the one stated earlier? There’s only one way to find out, and most people who tried working with one of the best digital banking apps for their landscaping and home building business succeeded. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what calamities your landscaper business can endure if you don’t side with the best possible digital banking solutions:

Workers’ Wage Payment Issues

When you don’t get payments and cash from your clients, you can’t pay your own staff for their effort and time. It can be quite frustrating and mean bad news for your landscaping business. Besides, it’s possible that some of the workers in your group might even leave your company. It can also result in a lot of legal challenges if you’re unable to pay your workers an appropriate wage.

In a landscaping business, your workers are crucial resources, and they’re necessary to keep the business running smoothly. Your business won’t be able to function properly without employees or complete projects. Meanwhile, the lack of proper cash flow means not being able to recruit the right workers.

Late Supplier Payments

In simple words, you won’t be able to pay suppliers, vendors, and dealers of all sorts if you’re not receiving any payments from your account receivables yourself. The supplier may also get angry or frustrated, which could result in a loss or breach of contract. In turn, it will further delay your projects and give you a bad reputation in the landscaping business.

Inventory Purchase Disruptions

How will you buy raw materials to complete the upcoming or in-progress landscaping project if you don’t have enough cash to operate or keep your business liquid in the market? Well, cash flow problems can bring business operations to a grinding halt. Your business might start crumbling right when you can’t buy the needed resources and attempt to complete your landscaping projects. Hence, you will lose sales, potential profits and possibly earn a negative repute in the industry.

Debt Repayment Difficulties

Of course, running a huge or even a medium-sized business venture such as a landscaping company will require some form of debt if you can’t finance all of it yourself. But, it will impact your business’s credit score in a negative way if you fail to repay your debts due to cash flow problems. It may also result in legal ramifications such as lawsuits, cases, and a hefty burst of penalties.

Multiple Contract Losses

The loss of contracts is a done deal for any type of business when it involves multiple parties such as vendors, suppliers, employees, and clients. Due to cash flow problems that result from either a small bunch of clients or a lot of them, you can lose employees and suppliers. With a lack of cash in the business, you can’t purchase the required raw materials, resources or pay your employees. Thus, you will ultimately end up upsetting a lot of stakeholders associated with your landscaping business.

What App Can Solve Cash Flow Problems for Landscapers?

VERGO is one of the top financial technology companies in the US, working towards a better digital banking experience for a range of professionals. It’s important to note that the VERGO business VISA debit card isn’t only for landscapers and home builders. In fact, it also offers the same perks and benefits to general contractors, electricians, and plumbers.

The digital banking app and the debit card don’t make VERGO a bank. Hence, you must only assume that VERGO is a financial technology company. The debit card offers unlimited cash-back on all purchases you make to complete your landscaping projects. All customers today require a hands-on but convenient approach to payment processing.

You can make things easier for them using the digital banking app by VERGO. The banking app will solve your cash flow problems by sending clients invoices at the right time, reminding them about the due payments of their projects. As per the payments you receive, you can top up your debit card in the name of the project that you’re handling.


Wondering whether or not one single app can solve all your cash flow problems? It’s possible if you time your effort right and adopt the best practices. VERGO allows you to sign up for early access to the Visa debit card aimed to assist home builders, landscapers, general contractors, electricians, and plumbers in the US.

With unlimited cash-back rewards, automatic invoice sending features, statements/ records generation, and a lot of other perks, VERGO is the best solution to assist you in your landscaping ventures.