Construction and real estate is no doubt a lucrative industry. The private sector construction spending is around one trillion dollars for 2020, with a little dip in 2021. 

General contractors are the ones who have the most challenging job of constructing the house. More importantly, they have to deal with everything, including dealing with labor, etc. 

It is a major reason why GCs need to leverage the new technology solutions that can make it easy for them to construct and manage things. Let us discuss some new trends that the general contractors can take advantage of.

Technology Solutions for General Contractors

Small firms and general contractors can face some issues when it comes to incorporating new technology solutions. Nevertheless, the technology solutions mentioned below will help you stay competitive without putting too much burden on your finances.

  1. Drones 

One of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century is drones. They aid people in many different industries to carry out their operations effectively. The same goes for the construction industry as well. The best part is that it is cost-effective especially compared to other expenses. 

Using drones, small construction firms can get accurate measurements and access areas that are hard to reach. In addition, they can do a site survey much precisely and better than an inspection crew can.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Another excellent technology solution that can help general contractors and small construction firms is AR and VR solutions. Like drones, AR and VR are transforming businesses in many industries. It is because of AR and VR solutions that the gaming industry is now worth billions of dollars. 

As far as the construction industry goes, it will help general contractors to visualize and develop complex projects real life. They can use it to plan and manage resources. As per the industry trade newspaper Construction World, AR and VR will continue to become a dominant force in the construction industry.

  1. 3D printing 

3D printing is a technology solution that has been with us for quite some time now. It can help general contractors streamline their process and make it easier for them to deliver the materials quickly. It can help you transform the way small firms source materials for their construction projects. 

One of the issues with 3D printing is the incorporation at a mass level. Large-scale companies find it expensive to mass produce materials through it. However, 3D printing is an ideal technology solution for companies working on small scale construction projects.

  1. Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Although Eco-Friendly construction materials are not a technology solution, many consumers and constructions companies are now focusing on this trend. Climate change is a concern for many countries and different industries are finding ways to combat it. 

We can expect new technologies and digital solutions to come up, making it easier to construct eco-friendly materials. These equipment and new inventions will help in reducing carbon emissions.

  1. Data Storage Apps or Systems 

Mobile phone applications are now becoming an integral part of our lives. The same is the case with the construction industry, which can take advantage of data storage apps or systems to manage and keep a record of all information. 

The majority of the general contractors tend to write down everything rather than using a data collection app. It is why the data they have on their notepads might not be accurate. However, with a data storage system, general contractors can easily manage all of their data in one place. It will help them gather reliable and accurate data more quickly than notes. Moreover, it will save them time and money, as they will have the correct information in front of them.

What are The Benefits of Using Tech Solutions for General Contractors? 

General contractors and small firms can open themselves to a wide range of benefits by using these tech solutions. These technologies can enable you to streamline your process and manage the entire project in a much better way. 

Here are some advantages of using new technology for your small construction business: 

  • Wearables for AR and VR technologies are now going mainstream in the construction industry. 
  • It can help you easily check out a site without incurring additional costs or risking the workers' wellbeing
  • Technology solutions help you in delegating tasks of complex projects and make it easy for you to check the progress of the tasks. You can bring your costs down, thus increasing your profits
  • ERP and other digital solutions can help you get accessibility to billing, budgeting, and other tools to enhance your operations. You can manage and control each thing using these solutions

Things to Keep in Mind When Incorporating New Technology Solutions

If you are a general contractor looking to get a new digital solution for your business, the following are some of the things you need to keep in mind: 

  • The solution or technology needs to be as per the industry standards
  • It should be easy to understand so that the workers can easily get an idea of it and you don't spend too much money and time on training them
  • The data from the software must be simple to link with monetary segments
  • Must give you the option for time-tracking and cost management
  • Should be beneficial when it comes to field management
  • It should connect expense data to project-level activities

You can also look at other specifications of the solutions according to your business's needs. It can vary from company to company, as some general contractors might look for a technology that can solve a specific problem for them.

Bottom Line 

New technologies make it easy for businesses to streamline their process. General contractors must keep an eye on the latest trends coming in the industry so that they can take advantage of them before others. 

Construction companies should not hesitate in investing in new technologies and solutions as these tech tools can help them take their businesses to the next level.